5 Proven Tips for Aging in Reverse

Date: September 19th, 2022
Author: Billie Bradshaw

Is it possible to age in reverse? This is a question that has been discussed for as long as the human race has been around. Well, some people believe that it may absolutely be possible! And, it isn't as complicated as you might first think.

The truth is that we are who we are, and there's no need to change that! We can find joy and happiness no matter how many years it's been since our birth. The best way to find that joy of course is by taking care of our health, which is the real problem that we have with the process we call "aging." There are many things we can do to keep our health for as long as possible.

The first step is to eat a healthy diet. This means fruits, vegetables, and other healthy options. Food is fuel, and we need the best fuel to keep the machine we call "the body" in peak shape. The next step is regular exercise. It doesn't have to be a daily trip to the gym; just keep your body moving! Take walks, choose the stairs over the elevator if possible, and move around in the pool on a hot day. And of course, make sure you are visiting the doctor regularly; don't neglect your annual checkups!

There are more steps you can learn about in the video below!

what do you think is it possible to age in reverse hello and welcome this is sandra hart again at life over 60 thank you so much for taking some time to just spend a few minutes with me today and we're going to be talking about aging is it absolutely possible to age in reverse well you can't really wholly reverse aging because that's just the natural part of life and that's just what happens to us as we get older but there are ways that we can slow down the aging process and they're not really difficult things that we can do age is just a number i've always felt that so i don't care who knows how old i am because i am who i am and i can't change that and i am proud of the aging process i hope that i can age gracefully and naturally for as long as i am here but in the meantime there are things that we can do that will really help us a little bit to perhaps slow down the process and the first one of course i've talked about a lot is eating a healthy diet because we are what we put in our bodies if we eat tons of junk food and sugar and put a lot of processed and toxins in our body it does affect us because our bodies are machines of course and if you put crap into the machines it's not going to work as efficiently as it could and what nature made it to do so try to think about what you put into your body lots of fruits and vegetables and things that are healthy for your body and that your body will respond to by keeping you feeling better and keeping you a lot healthier of course the second one and i don't think maybe too many of us do this anymore i hope not but quit smoking if you're smoking please stop it because smoking will shorten your lives it gives you tons of wrinkles and and and you know destroys your lungs and your body so that's kind of a no-brainer and i think most people who watch me realize that that really is something that you have to try to stop i know it's hard i know that you know my son used to smoke one of my daughters used to smoke probably the hardest thing that they had to do was to quit smoking they said that the nicotine addiction is really almost as hard as trying to get off of hard drugs so please if you're smoking try to stop it if you can the next one of course we talk about a lot is exercise regularly you don't have to go to the gym but keep your body moving if you keep your body moving you will be healthier whether it's walking the dog walking around the neighborhood just getting up off the chair and walking around the house every day move move move all the steps that you take it every time you move you are really lengthening your life and if you have a an ability where you a disability where you can't walk that much lift weights lift soup cans sit in a chair move your legs get one of those little bicycles that you can sit and move your legs i know that's what arthur is doing with his physical therapist he has a foot bicycle and he just sits in a chair and he makes his uh rides his bike do everything that you can to keep moving whatever it is if you play tennis or play golf or have a sport that's just awesome but my pleasure is walking so i walk the dogs and that is really my basic form of exercise of course you know when you go outside wear sunscreen sunscreen will help protect you from skin cancer from wrinkles you need vitamin d so at least allow yourself maybe 15 minutes a day in the sun protect your face put a hat on your face so that you know your skin is not your facial skin is not that's so tender it's not that affected but try to wherever you go out wear sunscreen but it will help you from melanoma and getting skin cancer and that of course will shorten your life if that happens to you unless you really get it in time but always i would say two get regular checkups with your physician get annual checkups if you have a problem and he suggest you come back on a a shorter term basis please do not neglect going to your doctor every year and getting all the tests that are necessary to keep you healthy on an annual exam get enough vitamin c vitamin c is an antioxidant it works against the uh free radicals in your body that are trying to destroy you every day as you get older just be sure that you always get vitamin c through supplements through uh vegetables and fruits vitamin c probably helps you and even actually will help you um your a your skin to age better and there are vitamin c products that you can get to put on your skin as well but vitamin c is a wonderful wonderful vitamin that will help keep you healthy slow down the process and try to get all those awful free radicals in your body away from destroying who you are and why you should be here for a while and the last thing i'm going to talk about is skin especially women we are so worried about wrinkles and worried about our skin well you can't really stop the wrinkles it's going to happen no matter what you use you know even if you get a facelift eventually the wrinkles will come you know i don't believe in fillers and and botox and all of that that just is me if it makes you happy then go for it but for me i really want to age naturally but in order to do that i know that i can use certain products that will help my skin vitamin c helps brighten the dark spots on your skin the hyaluronic acid you know plumps up your skin and helps it hold water uh better moisture better retinoids will help you know exfoliate your skin and skin and cell turnover is really really important any product that has any of these ingredients will be good for you but i'm going to recommend to you a channel lisa of peach's skin care she practices natural skin care and that's exactly what i believe in but she is an esthetician she's had many many years of experience and i want you to go over to her channel if you are interested in good natural skin care and she will guide you all along the way and she's just an awesome person so please i will put the link below this video but it's lisa of peaches skin care she has a great great channel all of these things we can do including the last one and that is social interaction it is so important for our mental equity to be social as much as possible try to reach out to people friends even if you say hello to the person who's bagging your groceries every day you really get to see people maybe they're not your best friends but as long as you give them a smile a nice compliment interact with them get out and take a walk say hi to people i i my daughter laughs at me because when i walk the dogs i've made so many friends because i am not afraid to give a smile or art or to say something nice to them and you would be surprised how you can have nice acquaintances that make you feel alive just by being kind just by recognizing them recognizing them as being there it's amazing how how important that is and how it really works so whether they my daughter makes fun of me or not you know i just really love people and i love just being kind and and making people feel good that's that's who i am i guess i don't know i can't change anyway you cannot stop the aging process but we can kind of age and reverse a little bit if we do all of these things that i mentioned and you would be surprised at how you can look in the mirror and you can get up in the morning and you can feel a lot better because you're doing all of the right things that will be kind to your body and to your mind thank you for joining me today i really love each and every one of you and you know how much i appreciate you you really should i hope take care be kind to yourself you know try to reverse that aging process that we're all going through be kind to whomever crosses your path that's part of it let's pray for world peace and please i can't wait to see you next tuesday in my next video each and every one of you are so very special and don't forget that take care and i hope to see you soon