IBS, Crohn's Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, and Their Hidden Cause

Date: October 21st, 2022
Author: Billie Bradshaw

Irritable bowel symptoms, IBS, Crohn's Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, all these things can be extremely frustrating. It's difficult to pin down what it is exactly that causes each flare-up and issue. So what is the secret? What's really causing this?

The problem is Fructose Malabsorption. Meaning, if you have too much fructose, you aren't able to digest it and process it in the small intestine. Once that fruit sugar gets to the large intestine, the bacteria there goes crazy making gas and other things that can cause the issues common to these IBS symptoms.

One good option is to use a diet that is completely fructose free, and that is the Carnivore Diet. That is meat and other animal products as well including butter, milk, cheese, etc. Basically, anything that doesn't come from plants. Watch the full video to learn more.

irritable bowel symptoms can be very frustrating you can't really figure out the pattern of what's causing the symptoms you go see your doctor and you get a pill or two or three or a pill and an injection but no real answers this video is going to tell you about a little-known cause of irritable bowel syndrome irritable bowel disease symptoms flare-ups that you may have never heard before so i think this is really going to help you understand more about what's going on when your bowels become irritable i'm dr ken berry a family physician with 20 years of clinical practice and this video is going to tell you about a hidden cause of irritable bowel symptoms that you may have never heard of before and now that you know about it you might actually be able to completely reverse your irritable bowel symptoms that you otherwise would not be in control of everybody's familiar if you have irritable bowel with the symptoms abdominal pelvic pain fatigue bloating gas diarrhea nausea heartburn even a lot of people have sugar cravings puffy eyes poor hair skin and nails poor mood some people even bordering on depression and then fever and chills when you're having an acute flare-up all of these things are caused by something in your diet and hopefully you've already learned enough about your body to get all the unnecessary processed foods out of your diet the sugar the grains the vegetable oils the alcohol but the problem is a lot of people when they stop eating the standard american crappy diet they change to eating lots of fruits lots of fruits and vegetables and they may be switched to whole grain breads but the problem is is that there's a very common cause of irritable bowel symptoms that changing to this more healthy diet it doesn't really help at all in fact it can actually make it worse there's a thing that can cause irritable bowel symptoms and very often be misdiagnosed as irritable bowel disease or even ulcerative colitis or crohn's and that is fructose malabsorption up to a third of all adults have fructose malabsorption syndrome and so when you eat foods that are rich in fructose which is the sugar found in fruit in soft drinks and even in vegetables if you eat too much fructose you're not able to absorb it properly in your small intestine and so a very large amount of it makes it to your large intestine and when your bacteria who normally reside in your in your large intestine when they get hold of this fruit sugar this fructose they go crazy making lots of gas making lots of inflammatory molecules in your large intestine and this is going to cause irritation and ear inflammation in your large intestine which is what may very well be giving you your irritable bowel symptoms some people call this fructose malabsorption some people call this fructose intolerance whatever you call it about a third of adults when they eat too much fructose and for some people this can be just only a little fructose they have severe ibs symptoms and in fact many doctors who are not very familiar with the differences between ibs ibd ulcerative colitis and crohn's can misdiagnose you with one of these conditions and you wind up on a handful of pills when all you really need to do is decrease the fructose in your diet so if you've already got rid of low-fat dairy from your diet because many people find that the milk sugars both lactose and galactose give them severe irritable bowel symptoms if you've already done that you've gotten rid of the grains you've gotten rid of alcohol you've got rid of all those things all the junk food what kind of what are you left to eat with right i mean what are you supposed to eat and so many people will try a vegan diet or a vegetarian diet or a diet rich in fruits and vegetables and if if you are one of these people one of the 33 percent who have fructose malabsorption that diet is actually going to make your symptoms worse and you may very well have noticed that when you eat too too much fruit or even too much of certain vegetables you have a severe flare-up of your irritable bowel symptoms so i want to tell you about a diet that is absolutely fructose free and many people have used this diet to completely reverse their irritable bowel syndrome disease their ulcerative colitis or even their crohn's disease and that is a carnivore diet this diet you eat any animal products so it can be beef butter bacon eggs it can be the any seafood it can be shellfish it can be crustaceans basically you don't need anything that comes from a plant and many people with disabling bowel syndromes and symptoms notice complete resolution of their symptoms when they're eating a carnivore diet now i've got quite a few videos about the carnivore diet on this channel i'm gonna pop up a playlist at the end of this video click on that and watch a few do some reading do some research and if you feel like you're among the 33 percent of adults who have fructose malabsorption syndrome then try the carnivore diet and i would try it for anywhere from 30 to 90 days and if you notice a complete resolution of your bowel symptoms then first of all congratulations secondly the way you can pay me back is by sharing this video or any of my other videos on this channel because when you share these videos that helps me help other people who have never heard this message if you're one of the people out there whose doctor whose dietitian told them to eat lots of fruits and lots of vegetables and lots of whole grains but then you wound up doing the exact opposite of that in order to reverse your symptoms then you might want to check out my book called lies my doctor told me and it actually goes into a lot of detail about the stupid things that doctors tell their patients that just aren't true now as you can tell from the content of this video on my other videos i'm probably never going to get a sponsorship from big food or big pharma corporation so if you would like to help me help other people achieve their optimal health then become a patron sign up on my patreon link if there's a link down in the show notes it's a super quick sign up and you can throw a buck or two my way so that i have more time and more resources to make videos just like this one this is dr barry thank you so much for watching i'll see you next time