Whiteboard Animation: Why Jordan Peterson Eats A Meat-Only Diet

Date: October 19th, 2022
Author: Billie Bradshaw

Quit eating greens? Doesn't that fly in the face of everything we've been taught our whole lives? We're always told that greens should be our main source of food and that meats should basically be a side-dish, but maybe there's something to this; maybe it's our current diet high in carbohydrates that is causing so many of us to struggle with weight.

With benefits from reversing chronic gum disease to preventing blood sugar dis-regulation, getting rid of chronic anxiety and depression, improving sleep, gaining muscle, and losing 50lbs, the carnivore diet seems to be working miracles for many people, including the great doctor himself.

Watch the video to learn more as Jordan Peterson tells Joe Rogan all the benefits he has seen since "going carnivore."

Quit eating greens and I thought oh really Jesus McHale I'm eating cucumbers lettuce broccoli and chicken and beef it's like I have to cut out the goddamn greens it's like try it for a month okay within a week I was 25% less anxious in the morning within two weeks 75% and I've been better every single day I'm better now probably than I've ever been in my life and I haven't been taking antidepressants for a whole year so I don't know what and I weigh 162 pounds like I have no I'm and I've actually gained musculature I've been doing some working out but not a lot and so I can sleep six hours a night no problem I wake up the morning I'm awake if I take a 15-minute nap that used to take me an hour to recover from that's gone here's the coolest thing I've had gum disease since I was 25 that's been serious enough to have I've had to have minor surgical interventions scraping and that sort of thing to keep it at bay it's go on I checked with my dentist before this last tour no inflammation and that's associated with heart disease by the way gum inflammation and gingivitis it's a good risk factor heart disease it means the systemic inflammation is gone and it's not supposed to happen you're not supposed to recover from gingivitis how my gums are in perfect shape it's like what the hell so here's what is what happened I lost 50 pounds it's like that's a lot right I'm nowhere near as hungry as I used to be my appetites probably formed by 70% I don't get blood sugar dysregulation problems I need way less sleep I get up in the morning and I'm fine I'm not anxious I'm not depressed I don't have psoriasis my legs were numb on the sides that's gone I'm certainly intellectually at my best at the moment which is a great relief especially doing this tour depression is gone I'm stronger I can swim better and my gum disease is gone it's like what the hell and you've done you've done no blood work so you don't know what your lipid lipid profile is or no I'll get that done again when they go back take any vitamins no no I eat beef and salt and water that's it and I never cheat ever not even a little bit no not soda no wine I drink club soda well that's not still water well you know when you're down to that level no it's not Joe there's there's club soda is really bubbly there's Perrier which is sort of bubbly there's flat water and there's hot water so this should start to be kind but it's crazy well we ate last night and I ate what you ate just we both had that giant tomahawk yeah I had wine though yeah I'm curious about this I'm very curious and they think you might try it but I eat a lot of vegetables yeah but I don't have any problems like health problems hey man like I'm not disclaimer number two I am not recommending this to anyone however I have had however I have had many many people come up to me on the tour and say look I've been following your daughter's blog and I've lost like a hundred pounds I think what you lost a hundred pounds see I lost 100 pounds in six months I talked to a woman yesterday she lost 15 pounds in one month she was 70 seventy it's like this is alright here's a question why is everyone fat and stupid that's a question man because it's new is there something s it is it's new and it's not a sedentary lifestyle that that hypothesis doesn't seem to hold water there's something wrong with the way we're eating and the what's wrong is that we're eating way too many carbohydrates I think but never mind a no x8 shift the elimination of most carbohydrates has made a big shift in my life and I do cheat occasionally with bread and occasionally with pasta I will I will go off with ice cream and things long lines but most of the time I'm just eating meat and vegetables most of the time and then I have a cheat day like you know once a week yeah yeah especially if I go to dinner I'll have a little pasta and it doesn't seem to mess me up too bad but I do feel shitty after I do it it's like for simple mouth pleasure I'm allowing myself to feel tired if you liked this video please subscribe and hit the bell if you'd like to join the Jordan Peterson animation community and help us get more of these videos made please visit Godwin dot media slash Peterson to learn how