Wim Hof Teaches His Breathing Method to Jordan and Mikhaila Peterson

Date: November 14th, 2022
Author: Billie Bradshaw

This is a breathing technique that works really well when someone is experiencing feelings of anxiety, stress, or a deep neurological deficiency. That might be a lot for some, but it will help more and more over time.

With only 90 seconds of deep breathing following this technique, the parasympathetic nervous system can be calmed and bring to us a deep peace that scientists hadn't realized was possible.

At the end of that 90 seconds of deep breathing, our bodies don't scream for air. We can even hold our breath, with no air in the lungs, and not feel that need to breathe for a long while. This is because the nervous system is calm and tranquil; we've reset our natural stress response.

Watch the full video to do this breathing technique and experience this phenomenon yourself.

I will show you okay what can i can i do it along with you yes yes of course and you can yeah you guys want to do it yes yes tell me how you feel afterwards okay we just do one round i recommend you do it uh jordan you do it whenever you feel anxiety or uh deep neurological deficiency or whatever yes okay well that means i should be doing it about two or three hundred times a day i would say i i think if you do this then it it's like staying away along a longer and longer time but let's do it okay okay here we are relaxed take a deep breath all in and let it go all in let it go i will take the telephone then see how long you're going to stay first round 90 seconds one half minute after the exhalation without uh without air in the lungs for 90 seconds no force that is deeply into the neurology you will see just follow me and i will show you here on the timer that you do so and i will talk while well and and say what is happening because you feel it okay all right there we go this by the way this technique uh with this weeb uh change fundamentally uh medical sides of our perspective of what we can do within our physiological depth against bacteria virus depression neurological diseases etc but now you will experience so i will show the on the camera the the numbers oh god i don't know if i can do that there we go so now you got it fully in let it go fully in let it go pull in let it go keep on going the mind goes with the breath don't mind about nothing else but your breath the mind is a big player so let it be with the breath julian let it go pull in let it go pull in let it go keep on going fully in let it go become light-headed go on fully in let it go 18 times more fully in let it go fully letting go 13 become lightheaded loom in the body don't mind just go it takes just a couple of minutes what we do to arrive at a deep impact on our physiology deeper than in science was thought possible it's all here then after the feeling because feeling is understanding we can talk eight more just go it's a workout stab it let it go in let letting go now now comes the last one juliet let it go and stop after the exhalation close your mouth no smuggling just witness there is no need for breathing the carbon dioxide has been blown off ph level uh is a really high there is no trigger to breathe only the brain could reflex but don't just be in the peace it's the parasympathetic nervous system deep peace no need for breathing just witness you're deep into the physiology of your being the way nature meant to be because you are right now in deep deep stress but you are tranquil it's a paradox we are really deep into our physiology right now no force and you changed your biochemistry and now the adrenal axis is shooting out through all the body resets the body any defect is being neutralized getting rid off 10 seconds small nine six three two one fully it fully in and hold fully and hold squeeze it to your head three two one let it go there we are god i hated that yeah sure but this is the way we you know what you hit more this neurological defect yes and this is the way through deep stress activated consciously while being okay because it's maybe also because of the stress of the podcast and so yeah did we hold our breath for 90 seconds you could yes for 90 seconds you guys did 90 seconds here it's all there i probably did 85 seconds and took a tiny little breath yeah that's what happened to me too this is round number one right number two we would go two minutes round number three two and a half number four three minutes of holding back exhale into lungs yes you have you gotta do this then you will see how how do you feel well i'm not wandering around the room uncontrollably moving and screaming so you know that's better than three or four hours of my day i'm still able to stay calm and sit here and talk to you exactly that's an accomplishment now you got to go even deeper and so in four rounds you will be able to reach after exhalation that is there is a understanding principle after exhalation means there is no air anymore in the lungs and you exhale completely yeah almost completely like i found i found if you if you exhale all the way and then you kind of bring your stomach up underneath your ribs yes um that helps i got taught that earlier this year it kind of helps in yoga that is the contraction udiyana bunda it's all you know it's all knowledge but this is all new and that it is true science makes it trust worthy it's data it shows that we are activating the immune system through this deep stress the adrenal axis suddenly spikes while you are in control how many breaths did you have us take about 30 30 30 breaths and then a minute and then and so with your with your your advice is to do the 30 breaths and the 90 minutes of breath holding 90 seconds 90 seconds of breath holding yes around that and then what i advise is this go without force