Dr. Mark Hyman's Healthy Morning Routine

Date: September 28th, 2022
Author: Billie Bradshaw

Dr. Mark Hyman goes over what he likes his morning routine to be. It's something he looks forward to every morning and it has made him feel and look much healthier, even to the point where people are commenting on it.

To start his day, he'll wake up and meditate for 20 minutes. After that, he does a 30-minute workout with the resistance bands he carries with him everywhere he travels. After that, he does a super hot, steamy shower for about 10 minutes. Then, he'll switch it to ice-cold water, and switch back and forth between hot and cold 3 or 4 times.

After his shower, he'll mix up a protein shake that uses goat whey. He also adds other ingredients which he talks about in his book.

Watch the full video to get his full routine and see the benefits he gets from it.

so how does this fit in your day with your normal routine and also when it comes to exercising and your movement that you have in your life is this something that you typically like to do before that or after that so when does hot and cold therapy come in and how does that play a role in timeline again with exercise so let's say i'm in in my routine at home and i've written i've written about this in my new book young forever what's dr hyman's daily longevity routine i mean i just saw a guy who kind of was a fan he had and had seen me in person we were actually in the in the sauna together in the russian banya yesterday and he's like man you look better than you did five years ago you know this person you look better ten years ago i'm like yeah cause i'm figuring all this stuff out and so i i actually have a routine in the morning where i'll wake up i meditate 20 minutes and then usually work out and i i travel with these bands and i i had back surgery a couple years ago and i i learned really how to rehabilitate through tom brady's training program i don't get any money for it i'm not associated anyway but it's the tb12 sports program and and i use these basically bands and i bring them with me i travel everywhere and and all i need is the bands on the floor basically and sometimes something to hook it on to like a doorknob in a hotel room or a post somewhere to do some of the exercises and and so i do a workout for 30 minutes and that's kind of a standard thing i can do anywhere i am and then i like if i'm home i like to do a seam i have a steam shower so i put the steam on while i'm working out i'll go into steam super hot like 10 minutes and then i'll fill up a bath just with icicle water and i go back and forth maybe a couple of times and and then afterwards i have a protein shake and i'll usually use my pecan shake protein powder i think we're discontinuing that and i'll use goat way and really these goat ways because goats are one of their they're regenerative the way that the ones that i find are regeneratively raised and two they have um because all all the whey has some casein in it can be inflammatory i use go away because it has a2 casein and then i add the whey and then i put all my other goodies in it which i talked about in the book my longevity kind of package of stuff and and that's my kind of routine and then i just feel amazing for the day i don't have any uh problems you know with energy and i really can focus and it's just a great way to start the day and i can probably get all that done in about an hour so it's or no the meditation sort of adds probably 20 minutes so maybe an hour and a half but it's really an amazing way to start the day and then i and then i get to do what i do and i'm sure you have i'm sure you have a truncated version that you do on days where you don't have that full hour because there's probably people that are listening today that are like whoa an hour i'm lucky if i get 20 minutes that's there of course a big part of your message is always that you feel so good so it's not like a chore for you to do this you actually are looking forward to doing it but give us the truncated version when you have 20 minutes and there's a super busy day and you're in launch mode or whatever you got to catch like four or five flights what is kind of your absolute one or two things that is like crucial for you in the day well i mean i i think you know even if i can just get like 20 minutes of my workout in not a full half hour or i do two sets instead of three sets like i did today because i was i had a lot going on so i did two sets and then now i'm waiting for my podcast and and sometimes i have time for you know hot and cold or i don't and i just don't do it on those days so i always make sure that i i and i take quality time and and the meditation thing is super portable so i do a kind of meditation it's like a version of a vedic mantra meditation so you don't need to be like in a quiet room and like i can do on an airplane i can do in the background uber i can do it you know anywhere and and i can just kind of go in and i just kind of the world disappears and and i disappear where i go but it's like it's like taking a three-hour nap so for me these are productivity tools if i work out and if i do this meditation i have so much more focus and more energy that whatever i'm doing i do wait better and more focused instead of taking me twice as long it takes me half as long and i do a better job so in some ways it seems like it's taking time but actually it's saving time in the end so mark before we get back to these video questions i actually have a question for you that maybe i'm not super clear on even though we're business partners and close friends working out now is such a core part of your life and i know you like the word movement right that's a big part of your approach it's kind of a movement mindset what happened a few years ago that shifted for you where it was kind of like a nice thing you were active you played tennis every so often you might do some you know hiking to like it switched and it was like whoa this is foundational to my life and it's kind of like i'm not gonna sacrifice it in my day what was that switch that took place yeah i mean listen i've always exercised to be a runner i did yoga i was a yoga teacher i bike i played tennis so i always stayed very active but you know in my mind i had this rationale that oh if i if i do yoga and i right you had my bike or i played tennis like i'm good and i always told people they should lift weights but i i just hated the gym it was smelly it's stinky i didn't like it and i don't i it hurt when i did weights i couldn't do 10 push-ups when i was 50 years old like this hurts every time i don't like it it's the truth so what what kind of pain just just just curious your chest hurts for days like i could do ten pushing my chest yeah i had all this muscle pain you know from lifting weights i would try them like a sword for days i'm like this is stupid i'm not doing this so i mean even though i know in my head it was like i knew i should do it and then i'm like you know then i then i turned 60 and i'm like all right all right i'm like i gotta get smart here because i tell everybody to do it and i can't be a hypocrite and i have to do it so i started to i joined the gym and i got a trainer and i started doing a little bit but then then i had a back problem again after 20 30 years i had another back thing and i had surgery in 2020 and then i couldn't move i couldn't walk i was in pain all the time it was pretty miserable and i'm like look this is that and i and and i have a limp i had a limp for 20 years and my body was all out of kilter and so it was just getting worse and worse i'm like how can i live to be 120 if i came walk so i basically had the surgery took my time to sort of heal from the surgery and then i went to the tom brady training program and i you know it was such a revelation for me because i was able to start really slow the bands you know they don't injure your joints um you can do them anywhere it's like i have to take an hour drive to the gym you know get going there's like a whole takes hours of my day i just don't have that kind of time so like literally i got back from what i was doing today i you know had some food ordered jumped down and you know was down here my and then where i'm staying and i just put my underwear on i didn't have workout shorts and i didn't shoes or anything i just like grabbed my bands and i did a quick workout so but it really became foundation when i realized that that i if i wanted to stay strong and out of pain i had to do this so i i really double down on it and i will do it minimum three times a week sometimes four or five so so i really am committed to it and i take it with me everywhere and in fact i forgot at their friend's house that was around like we were all working out and i was eating work out of five people and we had it in this one spot and i left and i forgot it and i was like in a panic and i to me like right away i need it tomorrow morning so i got it and i have it here and i i did my workout so it's really it really becomes routine and you can take it anywhere you can do it almost anywhere and and i i mean i even show you i got the bands right here so if you want to go show you it's pretty easy well no i mean you got me hooked on it and now i do a training session with the their virtual coaches on a at least two to three times a week and it's been it's a fantastic thing again we have no affiliation with them they have a free app that's there you know so that people can do those workouts you can go on youtube type in tb12 and you know there's a bunch of them that are there so so one clarifying question on that you mentioned that you know you used to do 10 push-ups before and like your chest would hurt do you think you were gonna do 70 now with no no right in a row i can do like i can do like three sets of 25 with the bands around my back so like it's unbelievable like i'm way stronger now at 62 than i was at 40 or 50. all right well we're gonna fact check you maybe on one of our next pod we're gonna do push-ups together okay all right all right all right all right but that's not the question seriously i'm not bragging drew but like i work out my friends like i had this i worked out with a 30 year old and then their 40 year old and like the guy was 50 and like none of them could do what i did and i was using the heavier bands and they were like no like come on guys once you build up to it it really works i've seen you over the years we've worked out a few times together too you know it's very inspiring so the question that i had was this is it that you've just been doing a different training routine or also has how you've changed your diet specifically i have a question about sort of prioritizing protein has that also helped you in your ability to build up more strength during your workouts so that's the question that i had for you yeah so again you know this is a really controversial topic which is protein where do you get your protein how much protein when do you eat your protein like it's complicated and and there's movies like game changes that come out which make people think that oh you can be vegan and just be this huge strong bodybuilder and just you know eat vegetables and i think you know there's a subtext of that these guys are pound and i've talked to them they're pounding highly processed vegan protein powders or they're eating jacked up protein powders that are supplemented with amino acids and you you can't overcome biology and the science is so clear so there was a group of scientists that got together that are protein experts and they wrote a review paper of all the literature it's called protage prot age study and they basically came up with the conclusion that as particularly as we age we need more high quality protein and we need it regularly throughout the day and we need it to contain certain amino acids in the right amounts so one of the problems with plant proteins is that it's very low in a key amino acid called leucine and other branched chain amino acids leucine is a rate limiting amino acid when it comes to making more muscle in other words it's like if you have a factory and you have an assembly line and you have you're missing this one key step like if you like making a car but you don't have tires you just can't make the car and leucine is like that if you don't have leucine you can't kick in the biochemical machinery to synthesize new muscle so so either you have to eat massive amounts of plant protein like for example uh like you need three cups of rice to equal four ounces of chicken now now who's gonna eat three cups of rice it's a lot of rice or you know a bunch of you know two or three cups of beans it's and then you get you get 1000 or 1300 calories as opposed to 200 calories uh now i'm not saying it's bad eating grains and beans i'm just saying like it you it's very tough to get what you need if you look at what happens to a lot of bees as they get older they get skinny and they have low muscle mass and and their hormones change and they get more insulin resistant and and there are ways around it so if you're vegan and you're committed to being vegan i'm not against it but you have to be smart you have to for example you have to use extra branched ketone acid supplements or you can take for example uh additional uh amino acids through something that i use in my practice that's been studied a lot in in research in europe that's called amino acid complex which is a combination of amino acids that's designed to increase muscle synthesis and combat what we call sarcopenia which means low muscle mass so so for me and what the and what i also said was you need to eat the right amount of protein within an hour of working out and in order to actually activate the muscle synthesis and you need to eat it um with the right amino acids and you need to about 20 depending on your you know size and builds obviously if you're like shaquille o'neal and you know seven feet tall you know you might need a lot more uh and if you're five foot zero in a hundred pounds you might need less but it's about 25 grams to 30 grams of protein which is usually about the size of your pump so the best way to think about it for the average person is the size of your palm of protein and and and i i say this like when i say i mean if you want to build muscle you have to eat muscle basically and you can kind of cheat by either combining animal protein like less animal protein with plant protein or by eating jacked up plant proteins where you add in these amino acids so there's a lot of ways around it but but you can't argue with with biology and with the with with science and it's just so clear if you're if you don't believe me if you're you know i think i'm making this all up just go ahead and look up that project study i've written a lot about it in my new book young forever which is coming out february 23 and and and i've i've used it on myself and i'm like holy cow like i looked at pictures of myself when i was 40 and i'm like you know i was i was was biking you know 30 miles and i was doing yoga and i was doing all this stuff and my body just looks like um like it just it looks like then i was 60 and now i'm like 25. so i i don't know what's going on but like it work what i'm telling works and it's and when i use it with my patients it really works and that's really the science that i've adapted to myself and it's really changed my my biology and my cognitive function my energy and i really really lowered more dramatically even the starch and sugar you know because because i you know look like i when i started doing nutrition back in the 90s and being a doctor in functional medicine that was the era we're still we're telling you a lot of carbohydrates and even you know healthy carbohydrates like grains and beans but for some people it's tough and if you're you know one of the you know the people who are metabolically unhealthy which is almost 9 out of 10 americans then you're not going to tolerate the amount of starch and sugar that you could for example if you were more lean and fit and robust so i can i can get away with eating stuff sometimes that that if for example my diabetic patients can because they're not metabolically flexible and i'm i train myself to become more metabolically flexible and so i can actually have more metabolic degrees of freedom we call it and i'm not saying you should always eat junk but i'm just saying i can get away with having a dessert once in a while or having some like you know coconut ice cream or something i cannot worry about it but i think i think for the most part it's really about lowering dramatically the starch of sugar increasing the fat and actually keeping not excess of protein but keeping the right amount of protein and and the other thing drew is you know a lot of people the government says we should have you know about .8 grams per kilo of protein that's a gram a kilo is about 2.2 pounds now that's the minimum amount to prevent protein deficiency disease it's not the optimal amount for health it's like when you say how much vitamin c is the the minimum the recommended amount it's like 60 milligrams or how much is the vitamin d amount that's recommended to prevent deficiency it's like 30 units which prevents rickets well okay you're not going to get rickets but what's the optimal amount of vitamin d you need to operate all your biological systems well well it might be two thousand or four thousand or five thousand or ten thousand so i think this is where we get all confused in nutrition because the government recommendations are designed around deficiency diseases not for optimal health if you loved that last video you're going to love the next one check it out here you are carbohydrate intolerant and when you eat x amount of carbohydrate in the form of sugar or starch not talking broccoli carbohydrates here it raises your insulin more than someone for example like me who doesn't have